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Module 4: Normal great artery views


  • About 40% of major heart defects are seen in the great artery views. It is therefore important to extend cardiac evaluation from the 4-chamber view to image the great artery views
  • The great arteries should be analyzed systematically, with reference to size, position, structure and function
  • The great artery views include:
    • Left ventricular outflow tract (aortic origin) view
    • 3-vessel view
    • Transverse aortic arch view
    • Long axis view of the left ventricle
    • Arch and duct view
    • Long axis view of the duct
    • Long axis view of the arch
    • Short axis view of the left ventricle
    • Tricuspid-aorta view
    • Caval vein view
  • If you can recognize an abnormal appearance of any of these views and describe accurately why it is different from normal, you can reach the correct diagnosis